Words of encouragement from the Kindness Commissioners

“Our communities will continue to thrive through kindness, support, and generosity of spirit toward one another today, tomorrow and always. #kindSBY. “

We are in this together and here to support you during this crisis. Please let us know how you are sharing kindness in your community by commenting below. We want to celebrate your kindness!

Making a difference during COVID-19

So here’s how this works. Anyone who would like to support our 1st Responders may donate here. #kindSBY investigates a need, orders from a locally owned business in support of that establishment, and an order is placed and a delivery is made.💛💙

Thanks to our first #kindSBY donors the Triage Line and Facilities Team at Peninsula Regional Medical Center were shown some love today for their hard work. Here the Director of Nurses practices physical distancing with Kindness Commissioner Heather Nefferdorf Brooks and her daughter Savanna Brooks.

As soon as the donation arrives it will go to support our City of Salisbury, Maryland 1st Responders. Thanks so much. Watch for photos of how your donations are making a difference during this COVID-19 crisis on the kindSBY FB page.

Get involved…make a donation:

https://secure.givelively.org/…/wicomico-grow…/1stresponders or Text: FIRSTRESPONDERS to 44321

Kindness Ambassadors in our community

On March 27th, Eastern Shore Dental Society and the Eastern Shore Mission of Mercy donated Personal Protective Equipment to Peninsula Regional Medical Center to assist with the COVID-19 crisis and to support staff and patients.

On the cart are 10,000 masks, 20,000 gloves and 500 gowns. The items are what the Mission of Mercy either had left over from last year’s event (still safe and usable/not expired) or items they had already purchased for the 2021 event coming up one year from now in Salisbury at the Civic Center. What an amazing gift! Thank you Eastern Shore Dental Society and Mission of Mercy for being kindness ambassadors in our community.