During the COVID-19 crisis, our Kindness Commissioners are focusing on spreading kindness. Here are some of the ways our Commissioners are keeping busy…

Kindness Commissioner, Stephanie Willey, and her family dropped off donations to Camp Hope, the new camp site for the homeless in the Salisbury area.

Kindness Commissioner, Sonya Whited, is busy creating kindness rocks to share in the community. She looks forward to sharing them in the community after the quarantine is over.

Kindness Commissioner, Susan Parker, has been creating face masks for postal carriers since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis. She hopes to bring a little sunshine to the Postal workers in our community that are on the front lines, everyday.

Kindness Commissioner, Chalarrra Sessoms volunteered at Camp Hope, a new camp site for homeless individuals in the Salisbury area. When asked about the experience she shared: “What an impactful way of spending our morning at Camp Hope! I thoroughly enjoyed meeting new people, good conversation, laughs, and serving others.”

Camp Hope is currently in need of daily meals for their 26 homeless guests. You can sign up to donate meals at: . For Breakfasts they need items such as: juice, granola bars, pop tarts and fruit. (No hot breakfasts). They also need individually packed lunches and dinners. (No buffet style please). Due to the recent storm, they are no longer at the Lake Street location. Please call or text: 443-397-2149 if you have volunteered a meal, to get the location address for delivery.

Kindness Commissioner, Heather Brooks and her daughter Savanna Brooks, share ways to be kind while quarantined and how you can get involved in the #kindSBY First Responders campaign.

WMDT reporter Brooke Butler recently interviewed, Pastor Martin Hutchison, a Kindness Commissioner, about how the Camden Community Garden and community members are helping to prevent hunger in the community during COVID-19 crisis. You can read the full article & watch the WMDT interview, here.

Kindness Commissioner, Grace Foxwell Murdock, was interviewed by WBOC to discuss how the community can get involved in the #kindSBY and City of Salisbury First Responder Campaign. Read the entire article and watch the video, HERE.

Kindness Commissioner, Heather Brooks, created a slideshow to help give families ideas for spreading kindness while in quarantine. We’d love to share your family’s acts of kindness. Email your photos and stories to or hashtag #kindSBY on social media posts.

Grace Foxwell Murdock, our Secretary of Kindness and Commissioner, decided to spread a little love in her neighborhood by chalking her driveway.

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